How can I see the 5 minutes of video I have already a account, when I use the link in the mail I see my account and everything but, when I try to see the videos says: you can only see 20 seconds because you don't have an account.

This could be an issue with cookies - if you see the account in settings you probably set the cookie on another Domainname than your videohamster bookmarks URL. Check that bookmark and try to change it to one of these 2 versions: JavaScript:window.location.href=''+escape(window.location.href) JavaScript:window.location.href=''+escape(window.location.href) The bookmark only works for longer clips if it correspondents with the Cookie on the same domain. The email you received sets its cookie to: - so try to change your bookmark to ...livebuster... Normally the cookie should be set correctly for both Domainnamens, but iSafari in v1.1.4 seems to have problems setting cookies correctly and permanently. Also try to delete cache and cookies in your iphone/ipods Settings page if you updated from an older iphone/ipod version. Also have a look at the FAQ section for further topics.