Step 1 Save this page in your Safari Browser on your iPhone or iPod as a Bookmark
To do so, click on the plus symbol in your browser (you maybe have to scroll this page a bit to the top to see the plus Button - it is on the top left)

Step 2 Edit the bookmark
(only the red part has to be deleted from the URL)

To do so, click on the bookmark button on the bottom of this page - then click "edit", then click the bookmark itself and delete the first part...


delete this red part:
Tip: If you're finished, the bookmark should begin with the word: Javascript....

Step 3 Give your bookmark a name and save it.

Step 4 Now you can visit any videopage (e.g. or and can chose any videoclip. To watch that clip, you then chose the bookmark you saved in step 3.
Yep! - the clip will now play on your iPhone/iPod (maybe after a short time of encoding).

Have fun!


Depending on the length of your chosen video it may take a while to play.